-Read for 10 Minutes

-Practice Weekly Skills:

Grammar, Vocabulary, Phonics, Math 


-(Foundational Skills/Reading and Science/ SS Homework will go home at the beginning of each week. Math homework will go home

at the beginning of each new section.) 

*Please read the attached note in yellow homework folders. We will not have homework in each subject, every week. 


-Spend Time with My Family :) 

*Extra Practice: Zearn, iReady (Math and Reading)

(If you need any passwords, please send me a message.) 

Parent Help Link for Eureka: 



Grade Percentages:

Reading (includes Foundational Skills and Writing), Math, Science and Socials Studies all have the following percentages: 

Tests- 45%

Classwork- 40%

Homework- 5%

Projects/ Presentations- 5%

Class Participation- 5%

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